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Why Choose AREI?


Our investors have over 30 years of experience in real estate. That speaks for itself.


We believe in being creative while operating in integrity. We've all met those who are all about "creative" real estate problem solving that eventually takes an expensive legal toll on someone. Unlike some of your other investors, we aren't greedy. We simply want everyone to win!


We like working in different areas. We aren't limited to one location. Try us out. Ideally, we are willing to invest in properties nationwide; however, we typically focus our efforts on properties in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee.


We like working with like-minded individuals: professional, knowledgeable, honest, hardworking, who operate with integrity, and wants to do business! 


If the numbers add up and the margins are right - we're ready to do business today! We believe in quick turn around times. Don't you?

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