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Anointed Real Estate Investments LLC

Anointed Real Estate Investment (AREI) has a staff with a combined total of 30 years of experience in the real estate field. We've recently branched out to form our own entity and we're looking to invest in real estate. AREI buys and sells commercial and residential properties nationwide with a focus on properties in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee. Have questions, proposals, or offerings? Call us today. Let's talk real estate!

We are interested in:

Our Servuces
Snap/Quick Flips

We like Snap/Quick Flips.

Buying and Holding

We'll buy and hold if the figures pan out.

Disaster Recovery

Every disaster is an opportunity and we provide solutions.

Distressed Homes

We hate to see this occur, but we do our part to make this work.

Residential & Commerical

We don't discriminate - we invest in different areas.


Bring it to our table...let's discuss.


“I've worked with Lorna Maxwell in the past, now owner of AREI. She is the most knowledgeable person I've worked with in Real Estate.”



Ready to find out more?

Realtors, investors, home owners, all interested others, we want to speak with you! Leave us your info or contact us today and let's discuss real estate.

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